Salem's Roof Cleaning Specialists - We Remove The Moss

Ambassador offers three tiers of roof moss removal for homes and businesses throughout Salem and the surrounding areas. Our expert team will safely remove moss from the most dangerous roof – and keep it from returning.


Moss causes roof damage that leads to leaks and we all know roof repairs or replacement is very expensive. Many Salem homes are surrounded by large trees that drop debris and block sunlight so roof moss gets out of control fast. Even if you know how to clean a roof, the steep, slick surfaces are very dangerous, we don't think it is worth the risk.  Let experienced Ambassador roof cleaning technicians clean your roof... We have the right safety equipment and we are licensed and bonded.


Ambassador Offers Three Roof Moss Removal Options:


1. Basic cleaning – moss dies within two weeks. (Ideal for a roof with little shade)

2. Cleaning and follow-up brushing after moss dies. (Ideal if a quarter or half your roof is shaded)

3. Complete pressure wash. (Best for a tile roof or an all-out emergency on a composition roof)


Let Ambassador Remove The Moss From Your Roof!