Residential Gutter Cleaning Company in Salem OR

You don’t need to see plants growing out of your home’s gutters to know you need a residential gutter cleaning company. Thanks to Oregon abundance of trees and rain, your gutters will need to be cleaned every year!


Ambassador is Salem's professional gutter cleaning company.  We clean, repair and reinforce your gutters to protect your home and save you money. Clogged gutters and down spouts cause water to seep into your foundation and this can cause expensive damage.


We know you can clean the gunk and slime yourself, but we suspect you’d rather do something enjoyable. Plus we want you to stay safe, let Ambassador's experienced technicians with the equipment and safety training tackle this for you quickly and easily.


The types of trees around your home will dictate the best time and how often you need cleaning. Many Salem homes need gutter cleaning twice a year.


If we clean your neighbor's gutters while we are in your neighborhood, Ambassador will give you 20% off your service.  So start spreading the word!


Planning ahead or have a gutter emergency? Call Ambassador Window Cleaning Services 503-581-8551